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Support Network Counseling offers counseling services for individuals and families, including couples, single parents, widows and widowers.


We specialize in unrelenting depression and anxiety, life transitions, relationships, emotion regulation, self-awareness, self-determination, grief and loss, chronic illness, advocacy, end-of-life, and spiritual counseling. 


We help clients successfully address a wide variety of issues related to family, home, careers, unexpected circumstances, and finding meaning and purpose in life.

​​Support Network Counseling provides nonjudgmental counseling services in a relaxed and accepting atmosphere.  We partner with clients who are dealing with life's most challenging issue, no matter if we meet individually or in a support group. 




Our mission at Support Network Counseling, LLC is to provide each client with a specialized counseling alliance the opportunity for each client to be the author of her or his own life story. 


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